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Leslie A. Hennessy, Ph.D.

Humans face an increasingly complex world where intractable problems stymie human advancement.  Believing that activating personal creativity can spur innovative solutions to these problems, I have researched ways that human creativity can be activated, developed, and sustained. 


The road that brought me to the research was through a doctoral program in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego where my dissertation explored the creativity of MacArthur Fellows.  The MacArthur Foundation has honored these Fellows for their creative work.


Research findings suggest that everyone is capable of increasing their creativity if they activate and nurture their innate abilities.  Recognizing the importance of these findings, I have continued to study and teach the identified strategies and processes that can stimulate creativity.  In 2017 I published the book, Activating Creativity, which details ways that individuals can enhance their creativity.  


Currently I teach classes in the leadership program at the University of San Diego.  My current focus is on teaching students in the nonprofit sector as I believe mission driven organizations are well positioned to develop and implement creative solutions.  However, I also support corporate and government initiatives to increase and support creativity in all of its forms.

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