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Activating Creativity - A Practical Guide


Activating Creativity offers practical steps individuals can take to activate their creativity and expand the mindset they bring to solving problems, both old and new.

Author, Leslie Hennessy, has combined her decades of experience in the corporate and public sector with her research that analyzes the creative strategies, processes, and habits of MacArthur Fellows.

The result is a book, practical and well researched, that offers a path to activating the creativity so vital to problem solving. 

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For organizations, "Activating Creativity" can be a development tool to build the skill set of key players. Great and small innovations come from staff at all levels who "find a better way" no one else has found. Unleashing creativity in a workforce can promote problem solving and overall innovation.  As a result, an organization can learn to be more creative - harvesting innovation in every aspect of the operation.   


For academic programs, the author has brought her decades of corporate real world experience and combined it with her research to set the stage for both a theoretical and practical discussion of how creativity is activated and finds expression in society.  Its direct and accessible presentation makes it an easy supplement to class reading.


For individuals, "Activating Creativity" points out that creativity is a highly prized asset in any endeavor. Additionally, the book demonstrates that creativity is available to most anyone who is willing to work on developing the ability.  The steps outlined are easy to incorporate into daily life, and creativity is nurtured with practice.  

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