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Activating Creativity

My decades of experience in corporate and government operations were excellent context for my graduate study in creativity and leadership. It occurred to me that a vast number of people who worked in both spheres demonstrated a limited ability to creatively attack the challenges facing their organizations. I was curious as to why these people who held leadership positions lacked the desire and ability to approach and solve problems creatively. This led to my extended study of creativity and decision making.

"Activating Creativity" was inspired by the dissertation research I completed as part of the requirements for my doctorate in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego. Taking findings from the dissertation, the book examines the insights of the highly creative individuals interviewed for the dissertation. The individuals—chosen from the ranks of the MacArthur Foundation’s MacArthur Fellows program—have expressed their creativity in numerous projects and have been awarded a prestigious prize to honor their efforts.

The powerful finding is that creativity is available to anyone who is willing to work on developing this capacity. Moreover, the ability to be creative can be nurtured with practice. The book synthesizes the data collected to provide readers with thoughtful ways to increase their ability to develop their own creative solutions.

The book, "Activating Creativity" is a practical guide to igniting personal creativity and provides easy to follow steps for corporate training, academic programs, and individual development.

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